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About Boss Garage Door & Screen Solutions

Brothers Scott and Jim Hooper have lived and worked in the Volusia County area for their entire adult lives. As young men they worked together briefly in the screen/aluminum industry, but ultimately Scott moved on to learn a new trade in the garage door industry while Jim honed his craft in the aluminum industry. They always knew they wanted to work together again one day. When the opportunity arose in 2014 to start their own business, they jumped in with both feet (well, all four feet) and couldn’t be happier that they did. It’s been a lot of hard work to get the company to where it is today, but hard work isn’t something they are afraid of!

new tall garage door and standard size garage door

With a Combined 40 Years of Experience

The Hooper brothers are confident in their craft and both have an intense attention to detail on each and every job (some say they have a bit of OCD). Jim and Scott especially enjoy meeting each of their customers and often forming long-lasting relationships with them. Fully licensed and insured, you can trust in the BOSS name. We’re growing at a rapid pace mostly because of customer word-of-mouth advertising. When you hire BOSS to install your garage door, your garage screen, pool screen enclosure, or screen room, quality workmanship is done with a smile is what you can expect.

Scott Hooper

Head of Garage Doors

Born in Orlando and raised in Deland and Daytona Beach, Scott has a high school sweetheart turned wife, Andrea, two sons - Cayden and Colby, a daughter Chyna, a French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and a moody rescue cat. Along with family, business and travel some of Scott's greatest passions are surfing, fishing, mountain biking and dirt bike riding. He loves to take his family on camping trips to the Keys each summer and snowboarding trips to Utah in the spring. When he's not working or taking his family on an adventure, he is building ramps for his kids, a new shed for his wife or helping a neighbor with a home improvement project. This guy is always helping others and he never slows down (maybe he's born with it, maybe it's caffeine)!

Jim Hooper

Head of Screens

Also, a Florida native, Jim has been married to his wife Janette since 1998. He has a daughter Haley, a son Donavan, a rescue dog, some cats (we're not sure if he really knows how many) and two Jack Russell Terriers. He spends much of his free time either fishing with his family in Ponce Inlet, fishing with his son on the beach, fishing in Mosquito Lagoon (well, you get the idea), camping in the Keys, diving for lobster, fishing offshore, or working on projects around the house. His incredible non-stop work ethic, organizational skills and professionalism is what makes him such a success!


Office Manager

Meet Chyna, our trusted office manager. She keeps everyone and everything organized behind the scenes (and believe us, with this crew, it aint an easy job). She is also Bubbas mama.

Bubba (left) and Stella (right)

Shop Dogs

Bubba (left) and Stella (right) Meet Bubba (aka Bubs) and Stella (aka Stells Bells) who are the loyalist employees a company can ask for. Free kisses for anyone who stops in the office.

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